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A collection of Xena stories, poems and parodies . The Stories by Bard by Title FF Sites. Recognition The Eddies Bard’s Quill Review Sites. Resources General Episode Guide and Cast/Character List. from the Fan Fiction Editor. Header Graphic designed by Andrew Ramirez.

The Royal Academy of Bards dedicates itself to the presentation of all genres of Xena: Warrior Princess fan fiction, both alternative and general. Our goals are: to present bardic works to the world, to preserve Xena: Warrior Princess fan fiction history for the posterity of the Internet age, and to act as a forum.

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The Royal Academy of Bards – Includes all types of Xena fanfiction, both alternative and general. Taiko’s Scrolls of the Universe – Uber, general, subtext, crossover, and more. Some adult themed.

Companion to (Xena & Gabrielle: A Turn of Fate) The Conqueror of the Realm, Ruler of the Grecian Empire, has brought peace to its lands after 9 years of internal war. With a battle on the horizon, she gives a farewell gift to Ri, the woman she secretly loves, triggering events to transpire.

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Xena/Ares Fan Fiction @ Xenite Country – Xena/Ares Shipper Fan Fiction Medium-sized archive of Xena/Ares fic by various authors as chosen by Dixie, with a bunch of adult het stories, with a few lesbian pairings too.

Katrina’s Xena Fan Fiction Kindred Spirit Lodge Lisa Jain’s Xenerotica Lynka’s Page Maison de Kamouraskan Mary Morgan’s Xena Fan Fiction Merwolf’s Cave Minerva’s Place Misschf’s ‘n’ Aisa’s Xena Tales Mythe’s Lair The Nanoverse

Lunacy’s Fan Fiction Reviews – Reviews of many of the best stories available in Xena fanfic as well as a growing number of reviews of original Internet and commercial fiction. There are also links to fanfic art and to fanfic and writing resources.

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When available the Bard’s name at the header of the story is an e-mail link. You may also use the e-mail link (@) by the bard’s name below. Please take a moment to let the bard know you enjoyed the story.

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Xena: The Fanfic Collection by LordAvatarII Based on the hit television series, Xena: Warrior Princess, created by John Schulian and Robert Tapert, The FanFic Collection contains five original short stories and poems, which explore the past, present, and future of the legendary Warrior Princess.

LesFan.com welcomes lesbian fanfiction for all fandoms including Rizzoli and Isles, Orange is the New Black, Lost teen, The Fosters, Out with man, TheLWord

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