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10 Most Celebrated Vintage Soviet Cameras 26 35 Share Tweet. For those who don’t know, Soviet cameras were produced by the USSR around the 1940’s and were patterned after German models. Very little is known about the specific details in the history of Soviet photography, but most of the Soviet cameras were built for simple use and easy repair.

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If you are a rangefinder user, I am sure you have considered buying one of those dirt cheap Russian LTM lenses that have flooded eBay. LTM lenses rose to the prominence in 30s and 40s with the ascention of Leica Screw Mount cameras.

miscellaneous russian cameras and lenses Russian 35mm Panoramic FT- 2 #65087, 24x110mm, rotating Industar-50 5cm / 5 , non working, w/o cassettes, case, Ex $135. Russian 35mm Panoramic FT- 2 #67746, 24x110mm, rotating Industar-50 5cm / 5 , non working, w/o cassettes, Ex $125.

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A Guide to Russian & Soviet / Former Soviet Cameras. by Leica cameras and the FED and Zorki could also use the same lenses. I say in theory because the quality control on the Russian cameras and lens were often so low that things didn’t always fit together in the same way.

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The resulting camera was the FED 1, an exact clone of the Leica II, albeit more crudely constructed—sort of like a Frankensteinian amalgamation with Russian Industars instead of German Elmar lenses, and various other discrepancies that with time are now seen as charming unique traits.

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Russian lenses – most of the world!Russian lenses are made of reliable and constructive metal realglass in the optical system. This gives a large margin. What we see on the secondary market. Many of the Russian lenses 50-70-xx years, despite an active, long-term use, and are now in excellent condition. Often, only cosmetic wear indicate the age of the lens.

1) In order to allow a lens to focus correctly on a camera with a longer register (i.e. a further distance between lens mount and film/sensor) than the camera it was designed for, you have to find some way to move the whole lens towards the camera.

Of course, the Jupiter lenses (and these Jupiter lenses) aren’t the only great Soviet glass out there. Zenit and Helios lenses are also worth hunting down, for example. But if you want to learn

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