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Peeing during sex is a very common concern. This is mainly a female issue because men’s bodies have a natural mechanism that prevents urination when they have an erection. In a woman, the

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Nov 04, 2009 · Best Answer: I had the exact same problem when I first started having sex. You’re right, he is hitting your G-spot when this happens, but honestly I’ve gotten past it by just letting go. The feeling of almost peeing is you about to come.

During sex, fingers, hands, penis, or other object may be putting pressure on a woman’s bladder. If you look at female anatomy diagrams , it’s easy to see how close the clitoris and vagina are to the bladder, and why the bladder might get prodded during sex.

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What causes burning sensation during urination post an intercourse? MD for some time but, when i do intercourse with my husband next day it starts again. when i go for urination i feel pain, burning sensation and blood also comes from urine . and i feel constant urge to urinate .

tell her to pee if she needs to during sex! I remember when I felt this way but one day my bf was understand and I just squirted instead and it was so good! tell her just to let it all go and that the peeing feeling is from rubbing the g-spot, make sure u have plenty of paper towels for the mess hhaa

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urge to urinate during sex. wonderer77 posted: On occasions where I dont have this urinating sensation, I have no problems holding myself for a lot of time and we tend to have wonderful sex and my partner really enjoys it. @palmoore – this is not the case with me. i start getting the sensation before we even start the sex so its not

This is definitely not a silly question. In fact, many people with vaginas experience the feeling of having to pee from stimulation inside the vagina by fingers, sex toys or a penis.Understanding your body and anatomy can help to explain why you feel like you have to urinate during sex, and also help you become more comfortable during sex, instead of feeling like you have to stop.

Sometimes I feel like I have to urinate during sex. I’ve heard that G-spot stimulation can cause that sensation, but I get so freaked out I’ll wet the bed that I lose my arousal. If the peeing

MORE: 8 Reasons It Hurts During Sex—And How To Fix It 3. You’re feeling a bit of pain, too. If you notice pain or burning when you eventually make it to the bathroom, that could be a sign of a

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