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Lifting his back from the cool sheets, she removed his robe, and now, dressed only in his babydoll with their matching panties, she pulled the coverlet over him. Kissing him on the forehead, she whispered, “Good-night, Chrissy; sleep tight.”

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Find great deals on eBay for pink sissy panties. Shop with confidence.

Nov 21, 2009 · forcing husband pretty panties? I recently started making my husband wear panties under his regular clothes . I found so many that fit him so nice . I was tired of his attitude and a friend suggested panty training. Did some searching on it and the i went shopping I replaced all of his regular underwear with pretty panties.

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Over at I Blame the Patriarchy, the authoress has some interesting things to say about the strange way that the media, the government, and the public has dealt with the “panties on the face” aspect of the torturing of detainees in places like Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. She writes: While it’s true that most of […]

Oct 27, 2009 · "Panty man is absolutely delicious in his pretty panties. He simply left me aching and wanting for more. From his deliciously smooth body, to his perfect pantied ass, oh and that yummy cock..

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Kelli’s Day At The Gym. Waking up, I climbed out of bed and pulled off the cream thong panties that had crawled up between my hard buttocks. I showered, rubbing soap over my body and then toweled off.

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And now he liked wearing his lacy panties, his poufy slips and his pretty dresses. It was fun being a pretty little teen now. “A sale on petticoats?” said Betsy. “I’ll have to get to it. A woman can always use some new petticoats. A couple of mine have rips in their nylon netting.

Ana is less enthusiastic about this, however, spending an entire page thinking about her missing panties, and, guys, I gotta be honest with you, I really couldn’t give a shit, but she more or less goes through the five goddamn stages of grief here, so apparently the saga of the panties is pretty important, and therefore it’s my duty to

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Feminized by Mom! by Judi . Billy was a pretty man! Everyone said so. When mother pushed him about in his stroller, the women of the community would inevitably compliment her on what a beautiful little teen she had.

He certainly doesn’t have to worry about how to share his secret fondness for frillies with his new teenfriend, because Ruth finds the thought of him wearing pretty pink panties just as much of a turn on as he does.

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