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A sex researcher explains the possible explanations for postcoital dysphoria and what to do if your partner cries after sex. A sex researcher explains the possible explanations and what to do

Oct 07, 2015 · Men have been known to shed a few tears after sex, too. If crying after sex happens to you on the regular, sex experts agree on what to do: Explain …

Okay, sex is awesome (hello, brain, body, and bond-boosting benefits!).But getting hit with the blues—instead of euphoria—after your bedroom session is anything but. While some sexy sessions can be so good they make us cry (the rush of oxytocin that floods your brain post-orgasm has been known to cause a few happy tears), postcoital dysphoria (PCD) is the feeling of anxiety, depression

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Post-sex blues, or postcoital dysphoria, is an incredibly common but incredibly under-researched phenomenon that makes people (yes, both men and women) feel sad, angry, depressed, and anxious

It seems that women who cry after sex share something in common with women who experience post-partum depression. Horomones are powerful chemicals in the body, and when they rise or fall drastically, it can cause emotional highs and lows after sex, during pregnancy, after birth and during menopause.

I don’t deny that feeling sad after sex is a fact of life for some women (and men). What bothers me is the need to pathologize what’s seemingly an emotional response. To make out we have some

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The Bronze man by Paullina Simons. Alexander complains to his wife that she always seems to cry during sex. The reason she finds the experience so overwhelming is because her entire family died during the Siege of Leningrad, so her husband is now the only family she has left.

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Crying after sex is certainly not necessarily indicative of “mental issues” or trauma. While some people’s history and emotions regarding sex can result in tears, if you feel otherwise emotionally well, the crying is most likely the result of something much more benign.

Q: I occasionally have sex (intercourse) with my loving, supportive manfriend of four years. However, oftentimes post-orgasm I feel very emotional and often tear up or cry for no apparent reason.

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If crying after sex happens to you on the regular, sex experts agree on what to do: Explain to your partner that this is just something that happens after orgasm, and it has nothing to do with them or their performance. And maybe keep some tissue handy.

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