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Hormonal birth control is not one size fits all and, in fact, there seems to be as many names for it ("the pill," oral contraceptive (OC), and the list goes on) as methods. Therefore, the mixed messages you are receiving about OC’s effects on the "Big O" may be a result of …

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Mar 10, 2008 · I doubt birth control would have any effect on your ability to orgasm. It sounds like this is a mind over matter kind of thing. It almost sounds psychological.

Possibly. Birth control pills can affect testosterone levels in woman which can, in some women, decrease libido and ability to orgasm.Anti-depressants are another common culprit. Best wishes!

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Welcoming: Please be welcoming and do not shame BC novices or birth control methods. Tact : Be mindful that human sexuality and comfortability with pregnancy risks varies widely. Respectful : Personal attacks, name-calling, trolling, etc. will not be tolerated and will be removed.

The birth control pill may increase the risk of some cancers while decreasing the risk of others. It doesn’t appear that the pill increases your overall risk of cancer. First the bad news.

Birth control works to prevent pregnancy in different ways, depending upon the type of birth control you choose: Female or male sterilization surgery prevents the sperm from reaching the egg by cutting or damaging the tubes that carry sperm (in men) or eggs (in women).

May 05, 2010 · Birth Control Pills Put Brakes on Women’s Sex Drive 8.7% were at risk for orgasm disorder and were not actively trying to have a baby were more likely to …

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Oh my! Orgasm has NOTHING to do with the rate of getting pregnant! Total myth land there! You have the same chance of getting pregnant having a stellar orgasm as you do with not having an orgasm at all! Another thing, a little lesson in birth control pills-you do not ovulate while you are on the Pill so if you dont ovulate, you cannot get pregnant!

With a wide variety of pill formulas (estrogen and progestin combination; progestin-only) and many modes of hormonal intake (e.g. orally, absorption through the skin, implant, shot, intrauterine device), hormonal birth control methods can be a great way for women and men to control the timing and frequency with which they wish to grow families.

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Sep 15, 2015 · I have been on birth control for the first time for only 2 months and I have not be able to have an orgasm, I have a good sex drive still and but I can not climax as hard as my manfriend and I try. It’s really making things with our relationship hard.

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